Customer Reviews

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  • LH

    “Finding me the best insurance to fit my needs”

  • TN

    “Very friendly fast response to my request rates are lower and now I have someone (representative) that I can call if I need to. WONDERFUL! ”

  • JD

    “Of course we love that insurance through Erie costs about half of what we were paying before but it’s so nice to have the personal service of people close to home instead of speaking to people in another country.”

  • SJ

    “The staff provides efficient and high quality service in a friendly and courteous manner.”

  • CV

    “That you guys save me some money and if I have a question you guys we always help me

  • TD

    “Courteous. Conscientious. Extremely efficient. ”

  • IM

    “Everyone in the office is very pleasant. Cathy always is looking for the best value with insurance ”

  • JH

    “Just the special care and concern you showed toward my sons well being”

  • KE

    “McGuire Group Insurance is really fantastic, very competent and helpful with great offers. I really recommend them to friends and family.”

  • KB

    “You are all extremely personable and caring and offer very competitive rates.”

  • JP

    “Great customer service. I had some issues and had to call for some help and the staff was friendly and helped me out getin my rental taken care of.”

  • RH

    “Awesome customer service with every phone call! ”

  • SB

    “You were a great help after my accident this winter. Very caring and concerned. ”

  • EB

    “Everytime i call i always get such good customer service.”

  • TS

    “Service is wonderful fast and efficient. You always take care of us. Thank you so much.”